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(Angela Johnson) is a Canadian pianist, singer-songwriter, composer and producer, with 4 Cd's of original music in the Pop & Classical music genres. Angelica's Cd's are available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon & Google Play, including  150 Stores worldwide.
       Dreamland Awakening,    Magic's Mystery,   Trilogy,          
Angelica's music combines contemporary vocal melodies and harmonies (original music & lyrics) with classical piano accompaniment, orchestra, electronic sounds, rhythms, and dance music.  Angelica has toured for several years entertaining on Cruise Ships, for Carnival, Disney & Holland America Cruise Lines. She performs with a repertoire of over 3000 songs, in all styles of music. Angelica's shows have ranged from performing primarily as a soloist in telethons, recording studios, cruise ships, festivals, showcases, hotels and clubs, to sharing the stage with orchestras, bands and other solo artists. Client List & Performances 
Watch for Angelica's live performances and purchase, or stream her Cd's on the social media sites. Thank-you for listening. 
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Quote: ***** iTunes
From Erryn McGrath
I can't say enough about this album (Dreamland Awakening) or Angelica!! First of all Angelica has some amazing talent. I have been fortunate to see her live, and in no way disappoints. When this album came out I knew I had to have it. It is upbeat and fun to listen to. Every song has it's own unique flair to it. You easily get pulled in as soon as you start listening. The lyrics are beautiful and have meaning that you can relate to. My favorite song on the album is "A Song For The One", but you won't be disappointed with any of the songs on the album. Definately an up and coming artist.
From Dave Rosenthal:
Angelica is 1 of the most talented young ladies on a piano that will blow your mind with her talent and her beautiful voice and if u haven't bought her cds then u must buy or your missing out of a incredible talented lady that will blow you away!!!!!!!!
From Scot Datemasch:  
Many artists have a "sound". You always recognize their music. Sometimes when they produce new work it can sound the same as previous works. You always amaze us by your diversity. We can put a CD of yours on, and enjoy the whole CD at one time due to all of your work being so different from each other. Thank you. I hope what I just said made sense ! LOL




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"I Will Survive" Uploaded On January 03, 2018

Angelica & The Boyz





(647) 624-8224
Music can be so personal, and touch in such a way that you want to share it's secrets with the rest of the world.”

Angelica (Angela Johnson)

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Music Defines Us...

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Performing On 14 Cruise Ships: Carnival, Disney & Holland America Cruise Lines:

Angelica Performed Full Contracts On Board: M/S Carnival Jubilee, Ecstasy, Triumph, Victory, Legend, 

Fascination, Fantasy, Inspiration, Imagination,  Paradise, Repeat Contract: Legend & Victory

M/S Disney Magic, M/S Holland America Amsterdam  




CD's, Digital Downloads, Videos, Posters

T-Shirts, Caps, Pillow, Sheet Music, Keychains

Stickers, Buttons, Cell Phone Covers,

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