Music can be so powerful and touch in such a way, that you want to share it's secrets with the rest of the world.”


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Angelica (Angela Johnson), from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, is a classical & contemporary pianist, singer, songwriter, composer & producer, with CD’s  of original music in the Pop & Classical music markets. Her extensive performing and recording experience in multiple music styles includes: Pop, Classical, Rock, Jazz, Broadway, R & B, Country & Current Top Hits. Angelica’s versatility as a musician has taken her entertaining on Cruise Ships, Dinner Theaters, Hotels, Recording Studios, Telethons, Music Festivals, Bands, Orchestras, Solo Performances in the Performing Arts & Appearances In Movies & Concerts. Angelica was nominated for "The Waterfront Awards 2018", celebrating the achievements of woman in the Greater Toronto Area, and Sponsored by "The Toronto Waterfront Magazine". 

Angelica engages a crowd in a “Piano Bar Sing-A-Long”. She has performed on board 14 Cruise Ships, for Carnival, Disney & Holland America Cruise Lines around the world, full time since 1997. Cruise Ship Contract Duration: 101 months (8.5 years – 80 ports of call, from 1997-1999 & 2007-2014) .

Angelica conducts “Open Request Nights”, “Fun Games” & “Instrumental Music”, with a repertoire of over 3000 songs. Her “Theme Nights” are: “Motown”, “Abba & Bee Gees”, “70’s & 80’s,”, “Elton John & Billy Joel”, “Classical Showstoppers” & “90’s & 2000’s – Current Top Hits”.  Angelica performed on board the following Cruise Ships for Carnival, Disney & Holland America Cruise Lines:
Carnival Cruise Lines:  M/S Carnival Jubilee (18 Month Contract), M/S Carnival Ecstasy (14 Month Contract), M/S Carnival Triumph (6 Month Contract), M/S Carnival Victory (16 Month Contract), M/S Carnival Legend (6 Month Contract), M/S Carnival Fascination (6 Month Contract), M/S Carnival Fantasy (6 Month Contract), M/S Carnival Inspiration (6 Month Contract), M/S Carnival Imagination (5.5 Month Contract), M/S Carnival Paradise (6 Month Contract), M/S Carnival Victory (6 Month Contract), M/S Carnival Legend (1 Week Contract), Disney Cruise Lines:  M/S Disney Magic (3 Month Contract), Holland America Cruise Lines: M/S Holland America Amsterdam (6 Week Contract).

Angelica was awarded, "The Best In Cruising Awards For 1998, Best Bars (Piano Bar), Best Entertainment, by America Online "Cruise Critic", on board the M/S Jubilee. Angelica was awarded the employee of the month three times on board Carnival Cruise Lines Ships in 2008, 2009, and 2012.  A few Cruise Ship Highlights include performances with Production singers, Penny Gold and Jason French, "The Atlantis Orchestra, and Billy Armstrong, Country Music’s #1 Fiddler for 13 consecutive years, and The Ecstasy Orchestra and Motown Fly-On Artist, Jerome Dabney, Music Industry Cruises, Black Music Week Cruises, RSVP Cruise, Irish Festival Cruise, Religious Cruise With Randy Travis, & Singles Cruises. Angelica is enjoying an ever-increasing profile as one of Canada's finest performing and recording artists. 

Angelica's Original Music - CD's

Angelica's original music consists of original pop melodies in her vocals, accompanied by a strong classical piano arrangement, and a rich blend of orchestral, rhythmic and electronic dance music. The lyric content uses visual animation, songs of dancing, fun, love, and adventure. Her 4 Cd's Released in 2015, are based on a story and screenplay she wrote called "World Of Dreams", the title and theme of the CD's. In 2018 Angelica released her single "It's A Long Goodbye", available in stores.

  1. Dreamland Awakening 2. Magic's Mystery 3. Trilogy 4. World Of Dreams Thirty Piano Pieces  5It's A Long Goodbye Available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon & Google Play, including 150 stores worldwide


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