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Angelica (Angela Johnson), from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, is a classical & contemporary pianist, singer, songwriter, composer & producer, with CD’s  of original music in the Pop & Classical music markets. Her extensive performing and recording experience in multiple music styles includes: Pop, Classical, Rock, Jazz, Broadway, R & B, Country & Current Top Hits. Angelica’s versatility as a musician has taken her entertaining on Cruise Ships, Dinner Theaters, Hotels, Recording Studios, Telethons, Music Festivals, Bands, Orchestras, Solo Performances in the Performing Arts & Appearances In Movies & Concerts. Angelica was nominated for "The Waterfront Awards 2018", celebrating the achievements of woman in the Greater Toronto Area, and Sponsored by "The Toronto Waterfront Magazine". 

Angelica engages a crowd in a “Piano Bar Sing-A-Long”. She has performed on board 14 Cruise Ships, for Carnival, Disney & Holland America Cruise Lines around the world, full time since 1997. Cruise Ship Contract Duration: 101 months (8.5 years – 80 ports of call, from 1997-1999 & 2007-2014) .

Angelica conducts “Open Request Nights”, “Fun Games” & “Instrumental Music”, with a repertoire of over 3000 songs. Her “Theme Nights” are: “Motown”, “Abba & Bee Gees”, “70’s & 80’s,”, “Elton John & Billy Joel”, “Classical Showstoppers” & “90’s & 2000’s – Current Top Hits”.  Angelica performed on board the following Cruise Ships for Carnival, Disney & Holland America Cruise Lines:
Carnival Cruise Lines:  M/S Carnival Jubilee (18 Month Contract), M/S Carnival Ecstasy (14 Month Contract), M/S Carnival Triumph (6 Month Contract), M/S Carnival Victory (16 Month Contract), M/S Carnival Legend (6 Month Contract), M/S Carnival Fascination (6 Month Contract), M/S Carnival Fantasy (6 Month Contract), M/S Carnival Inspiration (6 Month Contract), M/S Carnival Imagination (5.5 Month Contract), M/S Carnival Paradise (6 Month Contract), M/S Carnival Victory (6 Month Contract), M/S Carnival Legend (1 Week Contract), Disney Cruise Lines:  M/S Disney Magic (3 Month Contract), Holland America Cruise Lines: M/S Holland America Amsterdam (6 Week Contract).

Angelica was awarded, "The Best In Cruising Awards For 1998, Best Bars (Piano Bar), Best Entertainment, by America Online "Cruise Critic", on board the M/S Jubilee. Angelica was awarded the employee of the month three times on board Carnival Cruise Lines Ships in 2008, 2009, and 2012.  A few Cruise Ship Highlights include performances with Production singers, Penny Gold and Jason French, "The Atlantis Orchestra, and Billy Armstrong, Country Music’s #1 Fiddler for 13 consecutive years, and The Ecstasy Orchestra and Motown Fly-On Artist, Jerome Dabney, Music Industry Cruises, Black Music Week Cruises, RSVP Cruise, Irish Festival Cruise, Religious Cruise With Randy Travis, & Singles Cruises. Angelica is enjoying an ever-increasing profile as one of Canada's finest performing and recording artists. 

Angelica's Original Music - CD's

Angelica's original music consists of original pop melodies in her vocals, accompanied by a strong classical piano arrangement, and a rich blend of orchestral, rhythmic and electronic dance music. The lyric content uses visual animation, songs of dancing, fun, love, and adventure. Angelica's CD's are both energized and calming, featuring her clear, powerful voice and virtuoso piano accompaniment. All of her CD's of original music, take you on a musical journey, with beautiful, pop-sounding vocal melodies and classical piano accompaniment, weaving together as two independent musical thoughts that merge with orchestral lines, soaring strings, synth patches with soothing transitions, blended harmonies, modern drums and colorful, descriptive lyrics. Each song creates a synergy of accelerated musical thought, complimented by simple, inventive pop-sounding melodies and classical influences, combining together to create a musical variety that's hypnotic to the soul. Her 4 Cd's Released in 2015, are based on a story and screenplay she wrote called "World Of Dreams", the title and theme of the CD's. In 2018 Angelica released her single "It's A Long Goodbye", available in stores.

  1. Dreamland Awakening 2. Magic's Mystery 3. Trilogy 4. World Of Dreams Thirty Piano Pieces  5. It's A Long Goodbye Available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, iHeartRADIO, Deezer, Apple Music, Tidal & Google Play, Including 150 Stores WorldwideVisit Angelica's STORE here on her website, or her Shopify store.


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