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Angelica (Angela Johnson)
 began performing professionally at the age of five. She is a classical/contemporary pianist and singer/songwriter and producer, who has performed on board cruise lines around the world, full time since 1997.


Cruise Ships 

Her musical versatility covers multiple styles including, classical, rock, jazz, current top pop artists and country. 

Angelica engages the audience into a piano bar sing-a-long, conducts open request nights, and performs fun games and instrumental music from a repertoire of over 3000 songs. Her flexibility as a musician includes, entertaining in Dinner theaters, Hotels, Recording studios, Telethons, Music Festivals, Bands, Orchestras and Solo Performances in the Performing Arts. 



Client List & Performances



Angelica's original music consists of pop sounding melodies in her vocals, accompanied by a strong classical piano arrangement, and a rich blend of orchestral, rhythmic and electronic dance music. The lyric content uses visual animation, songs of dancing, fun, love, and adventure. Her Cd's Released are based on a story and screenplay she wrote called "World Of Dreams", the title and theme of the CD's. 

4 Cd's
Dreamland Awakening 
Magic's Mystery 
World Of Dreams Thirty Piano Pieces

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Music - 4 Cd's


Angelica's CD Story - World Of Dreams

Angelica - Extended Profile

Angelica has entertained a wide variety of audiences as a solo artist since 1983. A dynamic performer - at the age of five, Angelica began her career singing and playing in orchestras, bands, theatrical productions and vocal groups.
Angelica's music combines a rich blend of original compositions and popular songs, complimented by her own arrangements, which reflect the diversity of her musical background. Her versatility covers several styles, including Classical, Pop, Jazz, Light Rock, AC, Broadway, MOR, New Age, International Songs, Easy Listening and New Music, Top Of The Charts.

Angelica has appeared on Television in several showcasing performances:
The Sound Of Christmas (Hallmark Movie)
The Messiah 
Porgy And Bess 
Jazz Night 
San Francisco World Shriners Parade 
A Night Of Performance 
Joseph's Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat 
The Beachcombers Christmas 
Carnival Cruise Lines Welcome Aboard Shows 
Elves Club Telethons
Marriott Hotels Commercial

received awards for piano, voice and clarinet in the 1982, 83 and 84 Kawanis Music Festivals, highlighted by a vocal scholarship in 1985, to Music-Camrose, and in 1990 auditioning for the Master Class with Paul Baduraskoda. 



Angelica studied the Bachelor Of Performance Degree and The Diploma Of Music in the Classical and Contemporary styles of music. 

Through 1993-1997, Angelica performed studio session work for Alberta's, first double-double platinum studio; Damon/Soundtrek Studios, winning "The 1995/96, 10TH and 11TH Annual Alberta Recording Industries Association Craft Awards", "Studio Of The Year".

Some of Angelica's Studio Highlights Include:

A co-production, co-arrangement and programming of
"The 1994 Alberta Winter Games Theme Song,
"Where The Spirit Soars",
with Garry McDonall, President of Damon/Soundtrek Studios.
Radio Commercials:

Pizza 73 
Western Pontiac Buick 
Visual Impact Systems, USA/Canada

Studio Sessions: 
Brenda Dunphy-OKeefe, "Diamond In The Rough", CD, including her music video, "Your Baby's Movin' Out",
Amber Dawn Fleury, "Ain't No Cure For Love", CD,
The Single, "I'll Wait For You",
was nominated for "Single Of The Year", and
SOCAN Song Of The Year, in
"The 1995, 11TH Annual Alberta Recording Industries Association Awards".
The Softones, "Dreams Come True" CD,
which won a Gold Record in 1996.

Angelica's Cd's

In 1993, Angelica recorded
"Piano Stylings",
a solo pop-piano, cover artist album,
of her own arrangements,
which includes 16 of her most requested favorites,
Recorded at Damon/Soundtrek Studios, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

In 1995, Angelica recorded a
Classical Solo Piano Album, entitled,

"Magic Of The Masters",
Recorded at Damon/Soundtrek Studios,
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

CD Song Selections:

Fantaisie Impromptu

Clair de Lune

Moonlight Sonata


Rustle Of Spring

Fur Elise

The Swan

First Arabesque

Chopin Nocturne Op. 72, No. 1

Rhapsodie Based On A Theme Of Paganini

& More...



In 2005 Angelica recorded a Solo Piano Album
of her Original Music entitled 

"World Of Dreams",

Recorded at The Factory Studios,
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

This CD later transformed into a pop CD, which Angelica, fully orchestrated into a 3 CD Pop collection and 1 Solo Piano (Double CD) set, with her additional solo piano tracks. Angelica also wrote the music & lyrics, arranged, produced and recorded her vocals in her CD releases. 



In 2014 & 2015 Angelica released  several CD's of Original  Music, 

Dreamland Awakening 
Magic's Mystery

World Of Dreams Thirty Piano Pieces

Angelica's Cd's were recorded at 4 studios, including her own Digital Studio,

The Factory Studios, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada,

Sugar Hill Studios, Houston Texas, USA, 

The Music Shed, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, 

Strait Sound Studio, Roberts Creek, British Columbia, Canada 





Angelica released her 4 CD Multi Release under her original name. 
Angela Johnson
Shortly after she made a name change and became


re-releasing her Cd's into the stores, iTunes, Spotify, Amazon & Google Play!

Angelica's Performance Highlights:
In 2007-2014, Angelica toured on board cruise ships, performing as a solo artist in piano bars. She has been to 80 port of calls, on 14 ships, including Carnival Cruise Lines, Disney Cruise Lines, and Holland America Cruise Lines.  

In 1997, Angela was awarded, "The Best In Cruising Awards For 1998, Best Bars (Piano Bar), Best Entertainment, by America Online "Cruise Critic", on board the M/S Jubilee.

Angelica was awarded the employee of the month three times on board Carnival Cruise Lines Ships in 2008, 2009, and 2012.
Entertaining On Cruise Ships:
Angelica, has enjoyed entertaining on the following Cruise Ships.
Carnival Cruise Lines:
  Jubilee, Ecstasy, Triumph, Victory,
Legend, Fascination, Fantasy, Inspiration, 
Imagination, Paradise
Disney Cruise Lines:
Holland America Cruise Lines:

Angelica's first musical tour was in 1984, with "The Royals Band", where she performed in
Disney Land, Los Angeles, San Diego Zoo, Berkley University, Knotts Berry Farm, and several other cities in California, including "The 1984 Alberta Special Olympics".

Angelica has shared the stage with several recording and performing artists, including Brazilian Pianist, Ricardo Perez, Canadian Trumpet Virtuoso, Gary Guffman,
The Symphonic Winds, Production singers, Penny Gold and Jason French, fronting the popular 50's and 60's band "The Nomads" and performances with
"The Atlantis Orchestra, and Billy Armstrong, Country Musics #1 Fiddler for 13 consecutive years, and The Ecstasy Orchestra and Motown Fly-On Artist.


Angelica lived in Costa Rica from 1999-2002, where she entertained in "The Los Suenos Beach And Golf Resort", "Hotel Barcelo Amon Plaza, "Tara Resort Hotel And Conference Centre", "Majestic Casino", "Valle Azul", including several corporate functions. Angelica returned to Canada in 2002, where she performed in:Showcases, Festivals, Hotels & Telethons "A house-gig in 2005" in "The Sheraton Vancouver Wall Centre", "The Gibsons Jazz Festival's from 2004 to 2006" 
"Music In The Landing from 2003 to 2005", "Canada Day 2004"


Angelica's Performances  Include:

"Canadian Olympic Committee in 2005 for the 2010 Games"
"SOPA, Showcase Of The Performing Arts,
from 2003 to 2006
Co-Piano Chair & 
Chair for The Electronic Music category for
"The Sunshine Coast Festival Of The Performing Arts"

"Elves Club Telethons 2002 to 2006"

"Musical Director for Dinner Theatre - Dark Deeds In White Horse 2003"






Angelica has performed in several bands:



1."Angelica & The Boyz"  (4 piece band)             

2. "Sneak Preview" (4 piece rock band)

3. "Baroque N Blue" (classical/jazz quartet)

4. "Back Beat" (4 piece rock band)   

5. "The Creek Big Band" (21 piece big band)

Angelica is enjoying an ever increasing profile as one of Canada's finest performing and recording artists. 

Agent Representatives: 
New Promotions (1985) 
Mitchell Entertainment (1993-1997) 
which won "The 1995/96 10TH and 11TH  Annual Recording Industries Association Craft Award",  
and personal manager Garry McDonall, with Pinnacle Productions for the Album "Magic Of The Masters" Whitefoot Entertainment (1997-1999) 
Siegel Entertainment (2007-2015)





Contact Angelica



(Angela Johnson)



Cell:  (647) 624-8224

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